BESSEY GearKlamp

The New BESSEY GearKlamp Reviews

Before launching the NEW GearKlamp we asked a focus group of woodworkers about their thoughts on the new REVO. Here are excerpts from their feedback

What are the things you like the most about the new BESSEY GearKlamp?

Casey Reeves @creevesmakes
I like that the handle is offset from the clamping area where, in the past, your hand, knuckles, or the handle could contact or be in the way of a clamped item or project piece.  I also, really liked the red removable pad with access to the grooves!  Nice touch!  I have certain areas on my benches where I cannot use a traditional F clamp because of the handle. The GearKlamp allows the capacity to clamp without me bustin’ my knuckles trying to tighten the clamp.

Elisha Albretsen - Pneumatic Addict
The handle placement is by far the biggest advantage. Having enough room to easily grip and twist the handle when the clamping pad is slid all the way against a surface. The handle is a comfortable size and the rubber grips make it easy to forcefully turn and apply torque. The narrow profile around the clamping pads is really convenient in tight places. The clamp slides into locations where many clamps won’t fit. 

Vic Tesolin-  @minimalist_woodworker
This clamp allows me to work in cramped areas.   I don’t know of any other type of clamp that works this way and allows the clearance that this one does. Great innovation!

Chris Parker - 
I thought the handle and set-up was a little gimmicky but the more I looked at the clamp the more I really started to appreciate all the engineering put into it. I'm a big fan of the 2K handle and was happy to see it on this clamp. I love the pad on the fixed jaw and the grooves on the face when it is removed....great design. I find that the clamp is balanced very well and it doesn't have a cheap feeling to it whatsoever. Quality rail...2K handle...plastic parts don't look cheap...and the clamp functions very well. It didn't slip on me once and engaging the handle was very easy.  I'm willing to bet older people, or people with not a lot of hand strength, will love this clamp.

Joseph Nefsky, Owner/Operator - Out of the Woods Custom Woodworking
The overall design allows the use of the ergonomic handle to be used in more compact spaces, allowing better clamping pressure on the work piece. Also, the handle design allows for more efficient positioning and setup to clamp the work piece. Being able to clamp in tight spaces effectively is an excellent feature in addition to being a great clamp. Quick release clamps are some of my favorites for smaller clamping tasks. The new GearKlamp provides the best of both worlds; quick release and twist handle bar clamps.

Charlie Meyer - @Foolish_designs
I really like how the design allows you to get in to smaller spaces where you wouldn’t normally be able to put a standard clamp. I like that Bessey took something as mundane as an F-style clamp and ramped it up in a whole new way! The gear technology is so cool, and such a simple and ingenious solution, but something I never would have thought I’d see in a clamp. And even with all the new moving parts that had to be added in to make this idea work, the clamp still has a really good amount of clamping force. In tight spaces, getting a standard clamp tightened usually involves getting my hands into small spaces that leave little room for maneuvering and often leads to scrapes and/ or bloody knuckles. But the way the GearKlamp is set up, all the tightening can happen from outside the space I’m tightening in, and that’s a huge benefit!

Kim McIntyre -  @mcintyrefurniture
You no longer need to knock your knuckles when you are clamping near another surface. I think BESSEY did a fantastic job solving a common woodworker problem. I don’t yet know how it will hold up long term, as the gears are made out of plastic, but they are protected to keep dust and debris out.  My initial impressions are that I like this clamp a lot and will be purchasing a few to add to my arsenal.  It does have great holding power for a medium strength clamp as it is rated at 450 pounds.  Other nice features include the comfy handle. I personally only buy the BESSEY clamps that have the 2K handles because I like them so much.  I appreciate the clutch and it’s location, so that your thumb can operate it while your hand is on the handle.  If you take off the LARGER non-marring pad, there is a v-groove to clamp round parts.

Constructive Criticism and Suggested Improvements

Casey Reeves @creevesmakes
Could these clamps ever be available in a "deep reach" platform? I could really see a need for that. One thing that I wanted to note was red thumb "release" button could stick out a little bit more.  At times it was hard to engage.

Chris Parker - 
There was a small break-in period. I found the sliding jaw didn't slide too well at first. I did wipe it down and cleaned off any dirt the shaft picked up and that solved that problem. Personally I would have liked to have had a larger quick release button. I wasn't a fan of the plastic swivel head but I think that was done so that could be easily replaced if it ever broke or became lost. It snaps off easily enough and putting a new one back on is just as easy.

Kim McIntyre -  @mcintyrefurniture
I think there is room to improve on this clamp and make it so that clamp housing and gears are not made of plastic, so that it could withstand lots of major drops on the concrete floor and general abuse.  Folks that are reading my IG review, their number one gripe is all of the plastic and not trusting that it will hold up over the test of time.  I support them being critical of it.  I think you could charge more for one that isn't made of plastic.